Mini-Workshop on Topological Quantum Computation

Coordinators: Xin Wan, Zhenghan Wang, Kun Yang

July 6-7, 2006, Hangzhou, China

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About the workshop (总结报告):

Fault-tolerant quantum computation by anyons was proposed first by A. Kitaev. The proposal uses a two-dimensional quantum system with nonabelian statistics to implement quantum computation. Computation can be performed by unitary transformations due to moving nonabelian anyons around each other in a topologically degenerate manifold. The ground states of the two-dimensional system are protected by topological orders, thus stable against weak but generic perturbations including disorder. Initialization and measurement can be realized by separating pairs of anyons and bringing anyons into pairs. Recently this idea of mathematician has attracted great interest in the physics community.

The workshop is focused on the emerging field of topological quantum computation, which seeks the alternative implementation of quantum information processing in topologically ordered physical systems. Fractional quantum Hall systems are the best studied systems with topological orders. Alternative systems include ultra-cold atoms and superconducting Josephson junction arrays. The main goal of the program is thus to bring together researchers with background in topology, solid state physics, and ultra-cold atoms to advance our understanding on the novel subject.

This workshop is partially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Physics Department of Zhejiang University. We thank the Center for Mathematical Sciences of Zhejiang University for providing meeting facilities.