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Workshop Program

Location: Shao Yifu Science Hall, Room 211/212, Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University

March 11, Sunday Arrival at Hangzhou. Check-in at Huagang HNA Resort Hotel.

Reception at Huagang Hotel starting at 17:30 (outdoor if weather allows)
March 12, Monday  
  9:00-9:50 A. Altland 
  9:50-10:40 F. v. Oppen
  11:10-12:00 F. Evers
  12:00-12:50 X. Wan
  15:00-15:50 M. Vojta
  15:50-16:40 F.C. Zhang
Low energy theory of graphene
Fractional shot noise in the Kondo regime
Tea Break
Multifractality at conventional and unconventional Anderson transitions
Topological orders and edge excitations in fractional quantum Hall states
Lunch Break
Strong inhomogeneities and non-Fermi liquids in randomly depleted Kondo lattices

Gossamer Superconductivity in Strongly Correlated Systems

Afternoon Discussion
Workshop Banquet
March 13, Tuesday  
  9:00-9:50 D.G. Polyakov
  9:50-10:40 X. Xie
  11:10-12:00 T. Nattermann
  12:00-12:50 L.H. Tang
  15:00-15:50 Z. Ma
  15:50-16:40 Y.Q. Li
Localization, pinning, and dephasing in strongly-correlated disordered electron systems
Metal-insulator transition in strongly interacting 2D electron systems
Tea Break
Coulomb blockade and transport in a chain of one-dimensional quantum dots
Zero temperature criticality of the two-dimensional gauge-glass
Lunch Break
Dynamic Hall resistivity of 2D electronic systems in the presence of Rashba couplings

On the definition of spin current and the generalization of Kubo formula for linear response to non-abelian fields

Afternoon Discussion
March 14, Wednesday  
  9:00-9:50 R.N. Bhatt
  9:50-10:40 G.M. Zhang
  11:10-12:00 H. Rieger
  12:00-12:50 T. Li
  15:00-15:50 U. Eckern


A.D. Mirlin


Ferromagnetism in disordered, low carrier density systems without magnetic ions
Novel phases in quantum frustrated magnetic systems
Tea Break
Dissipation in strongly disordered quantum magnets
Variational construction of fractionalized excitations in low dimensional quantum antiferromagnet
Lunch Break
Quasiclassical description of transport properties in mesoscopic and nanoscopic systems
Electron transport in disordered graphene

Afternoon Discussion

March 15, Thursday  
  9:00-9:50 J. v. Delft
  9:50-10:40 P. Schmitteckert
  11:10-12:00 P. Woelfle
  12:00-12:50 Q.H. Wang
  15:00-15:50 T. Xiang
  15:50-16:40 Z.-Y. Weng
Mesoscopic to universal crossover of transmission phase of multi-level quantum dots
Signal transport and finite bias conductance in and through correlated nanostructures
Tea Break
Nonequilibrium electron transport through quantum dots in the Kondo regime
Theory of high energy features in angle-resolved photo-emission spectra of hole-doped cuprates
Lunch Break
Scaling behavior of the c-axis resistivity in the pseudogap phase of high-temperature superconductors
Nature of upper and lower pseudogap phases
Afternoon Discussion
Panel Discussion: Frontiers of condensed matter physics and international collaborations
March 16, Friday  
  9:00-9:50 L. Yu
  9:50-10:40 C.Q. Wu


Transport properties of high Tc cuprates via spin-charge gauge approach
Photoisomerization in a dissipative environment
Tea Break
Poster Session
Lunch at the new Zijingang Campus
Campus tour

Local-style dinner at a tea house
March 17, Saturday

Tour of Hangzhou (Linying Temple, Six-Harmony Pagoda, West Lake boat tour)

March 18, Sunday

Departure from Hangzhou

Last updated on March 8, 2007