Localization, Pinning, and Dephasing in Strongly-Correlated Disordered Electron Systems

Dmitry G. Polyakov

Institut fuer Nanotechnologie, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, 76021, Karlsruhe, Germany

I will outline recent progress in our understanding of quantum localization and interaction-induced dephasing in strongly correlated electron systems, with emphasis on the transport properties of a disordered Luttinger liquid in one dimension. Particular attention will be paid to (i) the applicability of
the notions of weak localization and dephasing to strongly correlated electrons and (ii) the interplay of two distinctly different disorder-induced phenomena---classical pinning and quantum localization---in the conductivity of a charge-density wave in the limit of strong interaction.

A metal-insulator transition in one and two dimensions at a critical temperature (proportional to the strength of disorder and inversely proportional to the strength of interaction) will also be discussed, together with a low-temperature transport mediated by Coulomb interaction in a three-dimensional insulator.

Work done in collaboration with Igor Gornyi, Alexander Mirlin, and Valerii Vinokur.