Variational construction of fractionalized excitations in low dimensional quantum antiferromagnet
Tao Li
Department of Physics, Renmin University, Beijing, 100872, P.R. China
Quantum number fractionalization, or more specifically, spin-charge separation, is believed to be responsible for the dramatic incoherent spectral weight in low dimensional quantum antiferrommagenet and its doped version. However, a physical characterization of such fractionalized degree of freedom is still absent except for the one dimensional case in which they are understood as domain walls in the ground state manifold. This talk reflects our continual effort on the physical characteriztion of fractional excitation in higher than one dimension system in terms of explicit wave function. We find the slave particle subjected to the Gutzwiller projection provides a reasonable wave function for fractionalized excition in general dimension. I will first show how Gutzwiller projection transform the slave particles into topological objects that are equivalent to the antiphase domain walls in the one dimensioanl t-J model. Then I will discuss some interesting properties of the wave function constructed similarly for fractionalized excitations in two dimensional systems with various spin background.