Low energy theory of graphene
Alexander Altland
Institut fuer Theoretische Physik, Universitaet Koeln, 50937 Koeln, Germany
Last year a team of British experimentalists suceeded in the preparation of graphene, a genuinely two dimensional variant of graphite. Closely allied to the buckminster fullerenes and carbon nanotubes, graphene displays a wealth of unconventional transport properties, which have triggered an outburst of recent theoretical activity. Inaccessible to the conventional tools of many-body physics, many of these phenomena require the application of state of the art concepts of the theory of disordered electron systems. In this talk I will give an introduction to the basic physics of graphene, and introduce a theory describing its conduction properties at large length scales. Specifically, I will discuss the intriguing experimental observation of a fully universal conductance of O(e2/h) in the system: Is graphene a genuinely metallic system not suffering of Anderson localization?