0623304: Mesoscopic Physics and Quantum Transport Theory

Spring/Summer 2018

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Xin Wan
#516 Jiao-12
Yuquan Campus
8795-3694 (O)

When and Where:

Fridays 9:50-11:25 at Teaching Bldg. 12-504, Yuquan Campus


Xin Wan; Teaching Bldg. 12-516; 8795-3694


Mesoscopic physics originated from the motivation to reduce the sizes of electronic components. It is a cross-fertilization between physics and technology. The branch of study provides not only answers to fundamental questions of physics, but solutions to technical applications. One important topic deals with the electronic transport properties of solid state nanostructures. The course introduces graduate students that plan to study nanosciences to the field of mesoscopic physics and quantum transport theory.


Solid state physics, quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics

Reading List:

  • [AM] E. Akkermans and G. Montambaux, Mesoscopic Physics of Electrons and Photons, Cambridge University Press (2007).
  • [Datta] S. Datta, Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems, Cambridge University Press (1995).
  • [FGB] D. K. Ferry, S. M. Goodnick, and J. Bird, Transport in Nanostructures, Cambridge University Press (2009)
  • [Haake] F. Haake, Quantum Signatures of Chaos, 3rd ed., Springer (2010).
  • [Imry] Y. Imry, Introduction to Mesoscopic Physics, Oxford University Press (2001).
  • [Kogan] Sh. Kogan, Electronic Noise and Fluctuations in Solids, Cambridge University Press (1996).
  • [NB] Y. V. Nazarov and Y. M. Blanter, Quantum Transport, Cambridge University Press (2009).
  • [DiVentra] M. Di Ventra, Electrical Transport in Nanoscale Systems, Cambridge University Press (2008).

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