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J Abad, M Asorey & A Cruz New  Perspectives in Quantum Field Theories  QF  
Ralph Abraham,Jerrold E.Marsden Tudor Ratiu Manifolds, Tensor Analysis and Applications M 2本 
Ralph Abraham Foundations of Mechanics, 2nd Edition C
George Adomiem Stachastic Systems SC
阿弗肯 矢量、张量与矩阵 M #
A.I.Akhiezer  etc. Methods of Statistical Physics  S
G. Alber Quantum Information Q #
P.W.Anderson Concepts in Solids SC 1本+#
P.W.Anderson Basic Notions of Condensed Matter Physics SC #
P W Anderson A Career in Theoretical Physics SC #
George B.Arfken, David and F.Griffing  University Physics zz
M.A.Armstrong Basic Topology M  
Richard Arnowitt Gauge Theories and Modern Field Theory QF  
Neil W. Ashcroft Solid State Physics SC 2本
I.Asimov 你知道吗?——现代科学中的一百个问题 zz #
David Atkinson etc Exercises in Quantum Mechanics Q #
David Atkinson , Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou Quantum Mechanics-A Self-Contained Course Q #
David Atkinson and Porter Wear Johnson Quantum Field Theory-A Self-Contained Course Q #
David Atkinson and Porter Wear Johnson Exercises in Quantum Field Theory Q #
Michael Atiyah Michael Atiyah Collected Works E  
T K Attwood Introduction to Bioinformatics B #
Assa Auerbach Interacting Electrons and Quantum Magnetism SC #
M.Ausloos etc. Magnetic Phase Transitions  SC  
Eugene H.Avrett Frontiers of Astrophysics AR
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H.Bacry Lectures on Group Theory and Particle Theory M 2本+1本#
George A.Baker,Jr Quantitative Theory of Critical Phenomena Q
George A.Baker,Jr Encyclopedia of mathematics and its applications M  
Ralph Baierlein Newton to Einstein-the trail of light zz  
A.P.Balachandran Classical Topology and Quantum States M
Radu Balescu Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics S
R.Balian etc. Texts and Monographs in Physics SC #
Leslie E.Ballentine Quantum Mechanics Q #
I.M.Barbour Fundamentals of Quark Models SC
Antonio Barone  etc. Physics and Applications of the Josephson Effect SC  
Asim Q. Barut Theory of Group Representations and Applications M
J.-L.Basdevant The Quantum Mechanics Solver Q #
F.Bassani ,F.Fumi etc. Highlights of Condensed-Matter Theory SC
I.Beju E.Soo's  Spinor and non-Euclidean tensor calculus with applications M
Melvyn S. Berger Mathematical Structures of Nonlinear Science and Introduction NL  
V.B.Berestetskil etc. Relativistic Quantum Theory Part 1   Q 2本
B.Bertotti General Relativity and Gravitation  AR
Hans A.Bethe Intermediate Quantum Mechanics Third  Edition  Q
P.L.Bhatnagar Nonlinear waves in one-dimensional dispersive systems NL
Peter J.Bickel  Mathematical Statistics S 2本
Lawrence C.Biedenharn  The Racah-Wigner Algebra in Quantum Theory  M  
S.M.Bilenky Introduction to Feynman Diagrams SC
E.W Billington Introduction to the Mechanics and Physics of Solids SC  
James D.Bjorben etc. Relativistic Quantum Fields  QF 2本
J.M.Blakely Surface Physics of Materials SC
David Bleecker Gauge Theory and Variational Principles  QF
Karl Blum Density Matrix Theory and Applications NP #
N.N.Bogolubov,Jr Introduction to Quantum Statistical Mechanics S  
N.N.Bogoliubov etc. Quantum Fields  QF
BART J.BOK etc. The Milky Way AR

B.Boos D.D.Bleecker

Topology  and  Analysis The Atiyah-singer Index formula and Gauge -Theoretic Physics 

M 2本
Siegmund Brandt Statistical and Computational Methods in Data Analysis S
Ola Bratteli and Derek W.Robinson Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics I S
D.F.Brewer Progress in Low Temperature Physics SC #
Kenneth S.Brown Cohomology of Groups M 2本
Peter Bruesch Phonons: Theory and Experiments I SC
Felix A.Buot Mesoscopic physics and nanoelectronics: nanoscience and nanotechnology NP #
波尔金斯基 漫谈拓扑学 zz #
N. D. Birrell and P. C. W. Davies
Quantum Fields in Curved Space
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陈滨 分析动力学   #
陈光旨 物态 zz #
陈金全 群表示论的新途径 M #
陈兰荪 生物数学引论 B #
陈守川 大学物理实验教程 zz  
陈省身 陈继桓 微分几何讲义 M
陈锡驹 拓扑学的首要概念 zz #
China Academic Publishers, Beijing Geograges de Rhan Differentiable Manifolds M  
China Academic Publishers, Beijing Atomic and Quantum Physics Q  
Hevbert B.Callen Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermodynamics C  
C. D. Cantrell Modern Mathematical Methods for Physicists and Engineers M #
Anton Z.Capri Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics Q  
Giorgio Careri Order and Disorder in Matter SC  
Moshe Carmeli Classical Fields: General Relatives and Gauge Theory C
Moshe Carmeli
Group Theory and General Relativity
H.A.Cerdeira etc. Frontiers in Physics, High Technology and Mathematics E  
 M.Chaichian, N.F.Nelipa Introduction to Gauge Field Theories  QF
P.M.Chaikin etc. Principles of condensed matter physics SC #
P.M.Chaikin etc. Principles of condensed matter physics SC  
S.J.Chang Introduction to Quantum Field Theory QF #
S. S. Chern Lectures on Differential Geometry M  
N. G. Chetaev Theoretical Mechanics C
F.Chorlton Textbook of Dynamics, 2nd Edition C  
Steven.M.Christensen  Quantum Theory of Gravity Q  
T.Claeson and P.Delsing Condensation and Coherence in Condensed Matter SC #
F.E.Close An Introduction to Quarks and Partons SC 2本
Marshall M.Cohen A Course in Simple-Homotopy Theory M 2本
J.F.Cornwell Group Theory in Physics-An Introduction M #
N.S.Craigie Monopoles in Quantum Field Theory QF
R.J.Creswick Introduction to Renormalization Group Methods in Physics QF #
Joremiah A.Cronin etc. University of Chicago Graduate Problems In Physics With Solutions  E  
Richard H.Crowell etc. Introduction to Knot Theory M  
W.D.Curtis Differential Manifolds and Theoretical Physics  M
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大久保进 群论引论 M #
Supriyo Datta Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems NP #
Supriyo Datta Quantum Transport-Atom to Transistor SC #
A.S.Davydov Quantum Theory of Scattering Q #
A.S.Davydov Quasi-relativistic Quantum Theory  Q #
A.S.Davydov Quantum Mechanics  Q 3本
Nathan W.Dean  Introduction to the strong interactions  SC
T DeGrand and D Toussaint From Actions to Answers E  
Edward A.Desloge Classical Mechanics Volume  II C
B.L.Dhar etc. Problems in Physics E  
Dikran N. Dikranjan etc. Topological Groups M  
P.A.M.Dirac 量子力学原理 Q #
P.A.M.Dirac 物理学的方向 zz #
Walter Dittrich etc. Effective Lagrangians in Quantum Electrodynamics M  
C.Domb and  J.L.Lebowitz Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena Volume 7,8,9 and 19# SC  
S.Doniach etc. Green's Functions for Solid State Physicists SC #
W.Drechsher etc. Fiber Bundle Techniques in Gauge Theories M #
Walter G.Driscoll etc. Handbook of Optics C
G. F. Drukarev Collisions of Electrons with Atoms and Molecules SC
George F.Duffey A Development of Quantum Mechanics  -Based on Symmetry Considerations Q  
Freeman Dyson Advanced Quantum Mechanics Q #
利昂.格拉斯 从摆钟到混沌——生命的节奏 NL #
S. K. Donaldson and P. B. Kronheimer
The Geometry of Four-Manifolds
P. G. Drazin
Solitons: an Introduction
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E.N.Economou Green's Functions in Quantum Physics M
Dominic G.B.Edelen Applied Exterior Calculus M
Edward ,Desloge Classical Mechanics, II C  
R. E. Edwards Fourier Series (Volume 1&2) M  
J.P.Elliott  etc. Symmetry in Physics (Volume 1 and 2) M #
Gerard G.EMCH Mathematical and Conceptual Foundations of 20th-Century Physics E
Ivor H.Evans Dictionary of Phrase and Fable E
Arthur Evett Understanding the Space-Time Concepts of Special Relativity  AR
Zyun Francis Ezawa Quantum Hall Effects-Field Theoretical Approach and Related Topics SC #
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冯端 金国钧 凝聚态物理学 SC #
L. D. Faddeev Hamiltonian Methods in the Theory of Solitons NL  
L. D. Faddeev
Gauge Fields - Introduction to Quantum Theory
Hershel M.Farkas   Irwin Kra Riemann Surfaces M  
Joel Feldman etc. Fermionic Functional Integrals and the Renormalization Group SC #
David K.Ferry and Carlo Jacoboni Quantum Transport in Semiconductors NP #
David K.Ferry and Stephen M Goodnick Transport in Nanostructures NP #
Feynman, Leighton, Sands The Feynman Lectures on Physics, I,II zz
J.Foster etc.  A short course in General Relativity  AR  
Otto Forster Lectures on Riemann Surfaces M
George K.Francis A Topological Picturebook M #
Hans Frauenfelder Subatomic Physics SC  
Danidl S.Freed etc. Instantons and Four-Manifolds M  
Harold L. Friedman A Course in Statistical Mechanics S  
Thomas Friedrich Dirac Operators in Riemannian Geometry M  
D.C.FRIES and B.Z.EITUITZ Quark and Nuclear Forces SC
A.G.Frodesen Probability and Statistics In Particle Physics S
M.V.伏尔更斯坦 现代物理学与生物学概论 B #
Y.C.Fung Foundations of Solid Mechanics SC
S. De Filippo
Geometrical and Algebraic Aspects of Nolinear Field Theory
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管惟炎、刘兵 超导研究75年 zz #
高崇寿 量子味动力学 QF
高崇寿 对称性分析在粒子物理中的应用 QF  
高崇寿 群论及其在粒子物理中的应用 M
高松 等 分子对称性群 M #
葛墨林 大学物理中的前沿问题 zz #
葛荣寿 引力理论——时空流形和引力 (上、下) C  
灌耕 现代物理学与东方神秘主义 zz #
顾雁 量子混沌 NL #
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Simple Views on Condensed Matter SC #
Howard Georgi Lie Algebras in Particle Physics M #
A.Di Giacomo Selected Problems in Theoretical Physics zz #
T. L. Gilchrist Organic Reactions and Orbital Symmetry B
Robert Gilmore Lie groups, Lie algebras, and some of their applications M #
P.Goddard and J.Yeomans Scaling and Renormalization SC #
Alexander O.Gogolin etc. Bosonization and Strongly Correlated Systems SC #
Herbert Goldstein Classical Mechanics C #
Martin Golubitsky and Victor Guillemin Stable Mappings and Their Singularities M 2本 
I. S. Gradshteyn Table of Integrals, Series, and Products M #
Kurt Gottfried Quantum Mechanics Volume I: Fundamentals Q
Hans Grauert, Reinhold Remmert Coherent Analytic Sheaves M  
利昂 格拉斯 从摆钟到混沌——生命的节奏 B #
M.S.Green Memorial Volume Perspectives in Statistical Physics S
L.G.Grechko  V.I.Sugakov Problems in Theoretical Physics E
Martin C. Gutzwiller Chaos in Classical and Quantum Mechanics NL
Daniel Gorenstein
The Classification of Finite Simple Groups, Volume I: Groups of Noncharacteristic 2 Type
W.M. Gibson 基本粒子物理中的对称性原理 QF #
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韩其智 群论 M #
郝柏林 于渌 统计物理学进展 S #
侯伯元 侯伯宇 微分几何 M  
胡岗 随机力与非线性系统 NP #
黄涛 量子色动力学导引 (上、下) QF  
H.Haken H.C.Wolf Atomic and Quantum Physics  Q
Brian C. Hall Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Representations-An Elementary Introduction M  
George N. Hatsopoulos Principles of General Thermodynamics C  
Kerson Huang Fundamental Forces of Nature--The Story of Gauge fields QF #
Rudolf Haussmann Self-consistent Quantum-Field Theory and Bosonization for Strongly Correlated Electron Systems SC #
S.W.Hawking W.Israel General relativity  AR 2本
W.Heisenberg Introduction to the Unified Field Theory of Elementary Particles M #
David Hestenes and Garret Sobczyk Cliffond Algebra to Geometric Calculus M
David Hestenes New Foundations for Classical Mechanics C  
W.Hofmann Jets of Hadrons SC
A.S.Hornby Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English E
Kerson Huang Statistical Mechanics S #
Kerson Huang Quarks Leptons and Gauge Fields SC
Kerson Huang Quantum Field Theory QF #
James E.Humphreys Introduction to Lie Algebras and Representation Theory M 2本
海纳特 创造力 zz #
黄昆 黄昆文集 #
N.E. Hurt Geometric quantization in action M #
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Yoseph Imry Introduction to mesoscopic physics NP #
A. Isihara Statistical Physics S  
Claude Itzykson and Jean-Bernard Zuber Quantum Field Theory  QF
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季承 宇称不守恒发现之争论解谜 zz #
B Jancewicz & J Lukierski  Quantum Theory of Particles and Fields Q  
Jeffeys Methods of Mathematical Physics M #
Josef M. Janch Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Q  
Charles j. joachain Quantum Collision Theory SC
Richard A.L.Jones Soft Condensed Matter B #
Jean Zinn-Justin Quantum Field Theory and Critical Phenomena Q #
C. 基特尔 力学 C #
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Victor G.Kac Infinite dimensional Lie algebras M #
Leo P.Kadanoff Statistical Physics-Statics, Dynamics and Renormalization S #
Y.Ohnuki S.Kamefuchi Quantum Field Theory and Parastatistics  QF
N.G.Van Kampen Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry SC
Thomas R.Kane etc. Dynamics: Theory and Applications  C  
Gordon Kane 超对称——当今物理学界的超级任务 SC #
M.I.Kargapolov etc. Fundamentals of the Theory of Groups M
Christian Kassel Quantum Groups M  
John L.Kelley General Topology M 2本
Y.S.Kim & M.E.Noz Phase Space Picture of Quantum Mechanics  Q #
A.A.Kirillov Elements of the Theory of Representations M  
C.R.Kitchin  Astrophysical Techniques AR
Charles Kittel Solid State Physics SC
Charles Kittel Quantum Theory of Solids SC #
Charles Kittel Introduction to Solid State Physics SC #
Edward W.Kolb etc. The Early Universe  AR 2本 
Daniel S. Koltun Quantum Mechanics of Many Degrees of Freedom Q
N.P.Konopleva  Gauge Fields QF  
V.E.Korepin Quantum Inverse Scattering Method and Correlation Functions SC #
Wolf-Dietrich Kraeft Quantum Statistics of Charged Particle Systems S 2本
Gustav Kramer Theory of Jets in Electron-Positron Annihilation SC
Vlodimir Z.Kresin  Fundamentals of Superconductivity SC  
Wilhelm Klingenberg A Course in Differential Geometry M
 H. Kleinert  Path integrals in QM and S & PP Q 1本
F. S. 克劳福德 波动学(上、下册) C
Shoshichi Kobayashi and Katsumi Nomizu
Foundations of Differential Geometry, Volume I
Shoshichi Kobayashi and Katsumi Nomizu
Foundations of Differential Geometry, Volume II
Shoshichi Kobayashi
Differential Geometry of Complex Vector Bundles
Donald W. Kahn
Introduction to Global Analysis
Czes Kosniowski
A First Course in Algebraic Topology
J. Klauder, et al 相干态导论 zz #


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李政道 统计力学 S #
李华钟 周义昌 介观物理 NP #
李后强 分形理论及其在分子科学中的应用 NL #
李名复 半导体物理 SC #
李正中 固体物理 SC #
立花俊一 黎曼几何 M #
林纯镇 吴崇试   我国赴美物理研究生考试(CUSPEA)历届试题集解(1980-1984) zz  
卢光莹 生物大分子晶体学基础 B #
卢侃 混沌学传奇 NL
罗辽复 从电子到夸克——粒子物理 zz #
Landau 量子力学(非相对论理论) 上下册 Q #
Landau and Lifshitz Mechanics C
Landau and Lifshitz Quantum Electrodynamics Q
Landau and Lifshitz 统计物理学 S #
Landau and Lifshitz Quantum Mechanics Q #
Serge Lang Elliptic Functions M  
Anton Z.Lapri Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics  Q
H.Blaine Lawson ,Jr The Theory of Gauge Fields in Four Dimensions QF  
Jean-Marie Lehn 超分子化学 B #
Wilbwr R.Lepage Complex Variables and The Laplace Transform for Engineers M  
L.-P.Levy Magnetism and Superconductivity SC #
F.S.Levin An Introduction to Quantum Theory Q #
Richard L.Liboff Introductory Quantum Mechanics Q  
E.M.Lifshitz Physical Kinetics SC
E.M.Lifshitz,  L.P.Pitaevski Relativistic Quantum Theory (part 2) Q
II'ya M.Lifshitz etc. Introduction to the theory of disordered systems SC #
Goran Linblad Non-Equilibrum Entropy and Irreversibility  AR  
Coran Lindblad Non-Equilibrium Entropy and Irreversibility S  
R.Loudon 光的量子理论 Q #
Rodney Loudon The Quantum Theory of Light SC #
S.Lundqvist etc.

Low-Dimensional Quantum Field Theories for Condensed Matter Physicists

QF #
G.Ludwig Foundations of Quantum Mechanics II  Q 2本
W.Ludwig and C.Falter Symmetries in Physics M #
Louis Lyons Statistics for nuclear and particle physicists S  
Elliot Leader and Enrico Predazzi
An Introduction to Gauge Theories and the "New Physics"
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马中骐 群论及其在物理中的应用 M #
马中骐 群论习题精解 M #
马中骐 物理学中的群论(第一、二版) M #
Otfried Madelung Introduction to Solid-State Theory SC #
Gerald D.Mahan Many-Particle Physics SC 1本2nd
1本3rd #
Geoferey C.Maitland Intermolecular Forces (Their Origin and Determination) SC
Norberto Majlis The Quantum Theory of Magnetism SC #
F. Mandl and G. Shaw Quantum Field Theory QF
Edward B.Manoukian Renormalization  QF 2本
Nicholas Manton and Paul Sutcliffe Topological Solitons QF #
N H March etc. Introduction to Liquid State Physics B #
Michael P. Marder  Condensed matter physics SC #
Jerry B.Marion Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems C
Jerrold E.Marsden Lectures on Geometric Methods in Mathematical Physics M  
Richard M. Martin Electronic Structure SC  
V.P.Maslov and M.V.Fedoriuk Semi-Classical Approximation in Quantum Mechanics C
William S.Massey Singular Homology Theory M
Daniel C.Mattis Statistical Mechanics made Simple S #
Lazar Mayants The Enigma of Probability and Physics E
Harry Mavromatis Exercises in Quantum Mechanics Q #
John D.McGervey Introduction to Modern Physics  Q  
Sara M.Mcmurry  Quantum Mechanics Q #
Eugen Merzbacher Quantum Mechanics Q #
Laszlo Mibaly and Michael C. Martin Solid State Physics SC #
A.B.Migdal Qualitative Methods in Quantum Theory  Q  
Michael Modell and Robert C.Reid Thermodynamics and Its Applications Second Edition C
Rabindra N.Mohapatra Unification and Supersymmetry SC
Franz Mohling Statistical Mechanics: Methods and Applications  S
Edwin E.Moise Geometric Topology in Dimensions 2 and 3 M
C.Moller The Theory of Relativity AR
G.Morandi etc. Field Theories for Low-Dimensional Condensed Matter Systems  SC #
J. D. Murray Mathematical Biology B  
T Muta Foundations of Quantum Chromodynamics QF #
J. van Mill
Infinite-Dimensional Topology - Representation and Introduction
Daniel Martin
Manifold Theory - An Introduction for Mathematical Physicists
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倪光炯 改变世界的物理学 zz #
Guangjiong Ni and Suqing Chen Advanced Quantum Mechanics Q #
M.A.Naimark , A.I.Stem Theory of Group Representations  M
N.Nagaosa Quantum Field Theory in Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems SC #
N.Nagaosa Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics SC #
Jean-Marie Normand A Lie Group: Notations in Quantum Mechanics M
Philippe Nozieres The Theory of Quantum Liquids Q #
Michael A.Nielsen and Isaac L.Chuang Quantum Computation and Quantum Information   #
R.M.Noack Density Matrix Renormalization Group SC #
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Y.Ohnuki Quantum Field Theory and Parastatistics QF
L.B. Okun Leptons and Quarks SC
P.Olver Application of Lie groups to differential equations M  
M.A.Omar Elementary Solid State Physics: principles and Applications  SC  
Akira Onuki Phase Transition Dynamics S #
L.O'Raifeartaigh Group Structure of Gauge Theories  M 1本+1本#
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彭桓武 徐锡申 理论物理基础 C #
彭桓武 徐锡申 数理物理基础 M #
Tao Pang Computational Physics SC #
P.Pascual Lecture Note on Physics SC
Askold M.Perelomov etc. Quantum Mechanics (Selected Topics) Q #
Donald H. Perkins Introduction to High Energy Physics SC
Michael E.Peskin An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory QF #
C.J.Pethick Bose-Einstein Condensation in Dilute Gases SC 2本#+1本
Hartmut M. Pilkuhn Relativistic Particle Physics SC
L.P.Pitaevskii Quantum Electrodynamics QF
Hans S.Plendl Philosophical Problems of Modern Physics E
J.C.Polkinghorne Models of High Energy Processes QF
A.M.Polyakov Gauge Fields and Strings SC #
Richard E.Prange and Steven M.Girvin The Quantum Hall Effect SC #
  Physics for Graduates zz  
A. Pazy
Semigroups of Linear Operators and Applications to Partial Differential Equations
I.Prigogie 非平衡态统计力学 S #
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曾谨言 量子力学教程 Q #
钱伯初 曾谨言 量子力学习题精选与剖析(上、下册) Q #
全国硕士研究生物理入学试题汇解 zz
Chris Quigg Gauge Theories of The Strong, Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions SC
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E.I.Rashba Modern Problems in Condensed Matter Sciences SC
H.J.Raveche Perspectives in Statistical Physics S
Michael Reed etc. Functional Analysis M  
Michael Reed etc. Fourier Analysis, Self-Adjointness M
Michael Reed etc. Scattering Theory M  
Michael Reed etc. Analysis of Operators M
L.E.Reichl 统计物理现代教程 S #
Georges de Rham Differentiable Manifolds M 2本
Robert D. Richtmyer Principles of Advanced Mathematical Physics M
Robert D. Richtmyer
Principles of Advanced Mathematical Physics, Volume II
Wolfgang Rindler Introduction to Special Relativity AR
Derek J.S.Robinson A Course in the Theory of Groups M  
J.H.Robinson Astronomy Data Book A 2本
Roget Roget's International Thesaurus E  
Paul Roman Some Mpdern Mathematics for Physics and other Outsiders  M  
Nathan Rosen Weyl's Geometry and Physics / Long Range Forces and Broken Symmetry  M  
Murray Rosenblatt Random Processes M
 R.E.Rosensweig Ferrohydrodynamics by R.E.Rosensweig SC
GECRGE B.RYBICKI etc. Radintive Provesses In Astrophysics AR
Lewis Ryder Elementary Particles and Symmetries SC
Lewis H. Ryder Quantum Field Theory QF
Lewis H. Ryder Quantum Field Theory (second edition) QF #
F.瑞夫 统计物理学 S
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G.L. Squires Problems in quantum mechanics Q #
苏汝铿 量子力学 Q #
苏汝铿 统计物理学 S #
孙洪洲 韩其智 李超代数综述 M #
Subir Sachdev Quantum Phase Transitions SC #
J.J.Sakurai Modern Quantum Mechanics Q #
Sarben Sarkar Nonlinear Phenomena and Chaos NL
I.V.Savelyev Fundamentals of Theoretical Physics Volume 2 Quantum Mechanics  Q
L.I.Schiff 量子力学 Q #
T. Schneider Phase Transition Approach to High Temperature Superconductivity SC #
J.R.Schrieffer Theory of Superconductivity SC #
Bernard F. Schutz Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics  M
F.Schwabl Advanced Quantum Mechanics Q #
John H.Schwarz Introduction to Superstrings M #
John H.Schwarz Introduction to Supersymmetry M #
J.-P.Serre Linear Representations of Finite Groups M  
Jean-Pierre Serre Local Fields M  
Setubal Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology  B #
R.Shankar Principles of Quantum Mechanics Q #
R.Shankar Renormalization-group approach to interacting fermions SC #
Ping Sheng Introduction to Wave Scattering, Localization, and Mesoscopic Phenomena SC
Keshav N.Shrivastava Superconductivity SC #
John Singleton Band Theory and Electronic Properties of Solids SC #
B.Skalmierski Stochastic Processes in Dynamics SC #
R.Slansky Group Theory for Unified Model Building  M #
Michael Sprivak A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry M  
R.F.Stebbings   etc. Rydberg States of atoms and molecules SC
Norman Steenrod The Topology of Fiber bundles M  
S.Sternberg Group theory and physics M #
John Stillwell Classical Topology and Combinatorial Group Theory M  
Hans Stephani General Relativity AR  2本
H-J Stockmann Quantum Chaos B #
Keith Stome Introduction to Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics S  
Michael Stone The Physics of Quantum Fields SC #
A.M.STONEHAM Theory of Defects in solids SC  
E.C.G.Sudarshan Classical Dynamics: A Modern Perspective C  
Michio Suzuki Group Theory II  M
Bill Sutherland Beautiful Models-70 years of Exactly Solved Quantum Many-Body Problems SC #
  Selected topics of Quantum Mechanics for graduate students Q #
卡尔 萨根 布鲁卡的脑 B #
沈世镒 信息的度量及其应用 zz #
沈学础 半导体光谱和光学性质 SC  
Dan Saracino
Abstract Algebra: A First Course
水野文夫 鹰野致和 图解半导体基础 SC #
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唐孝威 交通流与颗粒流 B #
唐孝威 粒子 空间 细胞 大脑 B
Tomoyasu Tanaka Methods of Statistical Physics S #
S.Targ Theoretical Mechanics A Short Course C
John R.Taylor Scattering Theory: The Quantum Theory on Nonrelativistic Collisions SC
Philip L.Taylor etc. A Quantum Approach to Condensed Matter Physics SC #
Cristian Teoclosiu Elastic Models of Crystal Defects SC
Alexei M.Tsvelik Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics SC #
J.M.T.Thompson etc. Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos  NL
D. J. Thouless Topological Quantum Numbers in Nonrelativistic Physics Q #
D. J. Thouless The Quantum Mechanics of Many-Body Systems Q
Changl Tien  etc. Statistical Thermo-dynamics S  
Michael Tinkham Introduction to Superconductivity SC #
Frank J.Tipler Essays in General Relativity AR 2本
M.Toda R.Kubo N.Saito Statistical Physics I S #
M.Toda R.Kubo etc. Statistical Physics II S #
Tosiya Taniuti etc. Nonlinear Waves NL  
Alexei M.Tsvelik Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics SC 1
Alexei M.Tsvelik Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics SC #
Alexei M.Tsvelik etc. Exact results in the theory of magnetic alloys SC #
John S.Turton Macroscopic Thermodynamic C
Roy E.Turner Relativity Physics AR  
田中 科学之谜 zz #
ed  G. t'Hooft 50 Years of Yang-Mills Theory  Q #
E. Tirapegui
Field Theory, Quantization, and Statistical Physics
J. Takacs Mathematics of Hysteretic Phenomena M #
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V.A.UGAROV Special Theory of Relativity  AR  
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V.S.Varadarajan Geometry of Quantum Theory, 2nd Edition M  
G.Velo and A.S.Wightman Renormalization Theory edited  QF
Martinus Veltman Facts and Mysteries in Elementary Particle Physics zz  
John K.Vennard  etc. Elementary Fluid Mechanics sixth edition C
John G.Verkade A Pictorial Approach to Molecular Bonding and Vibrations  B #
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王东生 曹磊 混沌.分形及其应用 NL
王广厚 粒子同固体相互作用物理学 (上下册) B #
汪志诚 热力学 统计物理 (第二、三版) S #
汪志诚 热力学 统计物理(第三版)学习辅导书 S #
王植榆 原子世界探索 zz #
王竹溪 郭敦仁 特殊函数概论 M #
文丽 吴良大 高等数学(物理类) 第一、二、三册 M #
吴崇试 数学物理方法 M #
吴迪光 变分法 M #
吴济民 格点规范理论 QF  
吴强 柳盛典 量子力学习题精解 Q #
E.H.威切曼 量子物理学 Q
Robert M.Wald General Relativity AR
David J.Wales Energy Landscapes B #
D. F. Walls Quantum Optics Q  
Alan J.Walton Three Phase of Matter Second edition   S  
Frank W.Warner Foundations of Differentiable Manifolds and Lie Groups M 3本
William C.Waterhouse Introduction to Affine Group Schemes M  
Steven Weinberg The Quantum Theory of Fields (Volume I II III) QF #
Ulrich Weiss Quantum Dissipative System NP #
Victor F.Weisskopf 二十世纪物理学 zz #
R.O.Wells Differential Analysis on Complex Manifolds M
A.D.Wentzell A Course in the Theory of Stochastic Processes by A.D.Wentzell SC  
C.Von Westenholz Differential Forms in Mathematical Physics M
John Wiley &Sons Macroscopic Thermodynamics C
Clifford M.Will Theory and experiment in gravitational physics AR
E.P.Wohlfarth Ferromagnetic Materials Volume 2


  物理专业英语文选 zz #
物理学评述委员会(美) 原子、分子物理学和光学 SC #
T. J. Willmore and N. J. Hichin
Global Riemannian Geometry
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徐克尊 高等原子分子物理学 SC #
学科交叉和技术应用 zz #
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阎守胜 甘子钊 介观物理 NP #
杨福家 原子物理学 SC #
杨维明 时空混沌和耦合映象格子 NP #
杨忠道 浅论点集拓扑、曲面和微分拓扑 zz #
姚连增 晶体世界 zz #
俞允强 广义相对论引论 AR  
俞允强 电动力学简明教程 C #
Peter Y. Yu Fundamentals of Semiconductors SC #
Kosaku Yamada Electron Correlation in Metals SC #
Amnon Yariv An introduction to Theory and Application of Quantum Mechanics Q
D.Yoshioka The Quantum Hall Effect sc #
杨炳麟 量子场论导引(下)
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曾谨言 量子力学导论 Q  
曾谨言 量子力学 卷一、二 Q 2本#
曾谨言 等 量子力学新进展 第一、二辑 Q #
詹汉生 微分流形导引 M
张礼、葛墨林 量子力学的前沿问题 Q #
张恭庆 林源渠 泛函分析讲义 上册 M
张裕恒 李玉芝 超导物理 SC  
张其瑞 高温超导电性 SC  
章宏睿  二维系统的电子学性质 SC  
章立源 超导体 zz #
赵凯华 光学(上、下册) C  
赵凯华  量子物理 Q #
周治宁、吴崇试 数学物理方法习题指导 M #
Alexandre M.Zagoskin Quantum Theory of Many-Body Systems SC #
Erich Zauderer Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics


Ya B.Zel'Dovich  ect. Stars and Relativity AR
J.M.Ziman and F.R.S Elements of Advanced Quantum Theory


Oscar Zariski and Pierre Samuel
Commutative Algebra, Volume I
 D.H.Zubarev  非平衡态统计热力学 S # 

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