Mr. Hongbo Chen

Zhejiang Institute of Modern Physics
Department of Physics
Zhejiang University
Zheda Road 38, Hangzhou 310027

office:  Physics Building 513 
phone :  (+86) 0571-87951507

Research Areas
   Quantum Phenomena and Applications: microscopic mechanism of multiferriocs 


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  2. Electromagnon excitations in canted-spin multiferroics,
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  3. 单相多铁性材料中静态与动态磁电效应研究新进展,
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  4. Dynamical magnetoelectric effects in the distorted spiral multiferroic magnets,
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  5. Bond distortion effects and electric orders in spiral multiferroic magnets,
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    arXiv:1203.5469 [pdf]

  6. The splitting of the electromagnon mode in conically spiral multiferroic magnets,
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  7. Effects of inter-wall interaction and outer-wall disorder on persistent current in a carbon nanotorus,
    H.B. Chen, N. Xu and J.W. Ding, Solid State Communications 146, 12 (2008).   

  8. Persistent current in finite-width ring with surface disorder,
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