Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

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Department of Physics, Zhejiang University
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Post doctoral position opening

We invite international applications for postdoctoral positions to work with Prof. Dr. You-Quan Li, "Cheung Kong Scholar" approved by Education Ministry, either on
 (i)Spin systems and strongly correlated electrons, Bose-Einstein condensation,
(ii)Field theory and its applications in condensed matter physics,
(iii)Physics of mesoscopic/nanoscale systems, or
(iv)Theoretical biological matter physics.

Opportunities for new Ph.D. candidates

We plan to accept 2~3 and 2~1 new Ph.D. candidates for graduate study in our group, respectivly, starting from 2008 and 2009 academic years.

Applicants may send an email with self introduction first to yqli[at] 

Mailing address:
Prof. You-Quan Li
Zhejiang Institute of Modern Physics
Department of Physics
Zhejiang University
Hangzhou 310027, P.R. China



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