Tuning Electronic Properties of Two-dimensional Quantum Films








             Modern molecular beam epitaxial growth techniques and in particular, the recent breakthrough in fabrication of freestanding two-dimensional (2D) crystals such as graphene layers have opened the way for fundamental study of novel quantum phenomena in 2D quantum films a few atomic layers thick. The physical properties of 2D quantum films are sensitive to structural changes because of the more direct manifestation of quantum effects at reduced dimensionality. In this talk, I will present theoretical proposals for tuning electronic properties of 2D films by structural changes, focusing on doping effects.

Doping, an essential element for manipulation of electronic transport in traditional semiconductor industry, is widely expected to play important role as well in control of transport properties in 2D quantum films. However, traditional theory of electronic disorder predicts that doping in 2D systems leads to carrier localization, limiting practical applications of doping because of poor carrier mobility. We proposed a novel concept [1, 2], namely, confined doping, to significantly increase carrier mobility in 2D films. In our approach, distribution of dopants in a 2D film is confined within a particular layer in the film so that the doped film becomes a coupled system comprising a doped subsystem and a perfect crystalline subsystem. We showed that carrier mobility in a bilayer 2D film with confined doping exhibits a rather counterintuitive behavior in the regime of heavy doping, namely, the larger the concentration of dopants the higher the carrier mobility. Application of the model to bilayer graphene systems will be discussed [3].



[1] J.X. Zhong and G.M. Stocks, Nano Lett. 6, 128 (2006).

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[3] Y.L. Mao and J.X. Zhong, Nanotechnology 19, 205708 (2008).





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