Department of Physics, Tulane University,

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Citizenship: P. R. China; Date of birth: Dec. 5, 1965

Place of birth: Jiangshu, China 



 June 1987     B. S. in Physics, Nanjing Normal University, P.R. China

 May 1992     Ph. D., in Condensed matter physics, University of Science and Technology of  

                      China (USTC). Title of dissertation: Studies of crystal microstructure and physical 

                      properties of high-Tc superconductors. Advisor: Professor Yuheng Zhang.



June 2009-                     Professor, Department of Physics, Tulane University

Jul. 2007May 2009    Associate professor, Department of Physics, Tulane University

Jul. 2002 C Jun. 2007    Assistant professor, Department of Physics, Tulane University

Sep. 2005--Dec.2005    Visiting assistant professor, Department of Physics, University of Illinois 

                                      at Urbana-Champaign.

Jan. 2000 CJun. 2002:   Postdoctoral scholar, Department of Physics,

                                      The Pennsylvania State University.

Sep. 1997--Jan. 2000:  Postdoctoral scholar, Kyoto University, Japan.

June 1995--Sep. 1997:  Professor, Structure Research Laboratory, USTC.

Feb. 1994--Aug. 1994: Visiting scholar, Department of Physics, Purdue University

Oct. 1993May 1995, Associate professor, Structure Research Laboratory, USTC.

June 1992--Sep. 1993:  Research assistant, Structure Research Laboratory, USTC.



NSF CAREER award, 2007

Cottrell Scholar Award, Research Corporation, 2005 (given to 10% of the applicants).

The Tulane University Presidential Early Career Development Award, 2005 (given to 

   only one untenured professor each year).

 Qiu Shi Award, 1997

Awarded the second Prize of Young Scientists sponsored by Chinese Academy of  Sciences in   


Obtained fund supports from the Chinese National Science Foundation for Outstanding

   Young Scientists in 1996.