Dynamic electronic response in Nanoscale structures


Junqiang Lu

Department of Physics, University of Puerto Rico


In this talk, I will present our theoretical studies of dynamic response of electrons in nanoscale structures. A dynamic standing Friedel wave and a standing spin wave were discovered, analogous to the static Friedel oscillations. The wavelength of the standing Friedel wave is controlled by the external driving frequency and the Fermi velocity of the nanoscale structure. A effective model of capacitance of nanoscale structures between two electrodes were proposed based on the dynamic electronic response.


Prof. Lu 现为Puerto Rico大学物理系助理教授。于2003大学高等研究中心博士,秉林院士。先后在伊利伊大学、树岭国家实验室做博士后研究2008年加入Puerto Rico大学物理系主要研究为纳米器件中的运。