Pairing symmetry and magnetism in iron-based superconductors

Jiangping Hu

Department of Physics, Purdue University


 I discuss the existence of strikingly identical paradigms applicable to both cuprates and iron-based superconductors in understanding magnetism, superconductivity and the interplay between the two.The magnetic states and transitions in iron- based superconductors are well described by a $J_1-J_2-J_z$ magnetic exchange model where $J_1$, $J_2$ and $J_z$ are nearest neighbour, next nearest neighbour and inter-layer couplings respectively. Differing from the t-J model for cuprates where d-wave pairing symmetry is favored, the magnetic exchange in the iron based supercondunctors predicts an unconventional s-wave $cosk_x cosk_y$ pairing. I will show that the predicted pairing symmetry is supported by many experimental results, and also discuss new predictions associated with the pairing symmetry

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