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2010 Hangzhou Workshop on Quantum Matter

May 18 -22

Important Dates

Purpose and Scope

The 2010 Hangzhou Workshop on Quantum Matter will be held in Hangzhou, China, on the Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University, in May 18-22, 2010. It will be a satellite conference to the 9th international conference on spectroscopies of novel superconductors (Shanghai, May23-28, 2010, This workshop is featured with invited talks and poster session. After the conference, there will be a one-day tutorial program for graduated students and junior scientists on May 22, 2010, with four lectures covering the subjects of heavy fermion superconductivity, quantum phase transition, ARPES and its application, and topological insulator.  

The workshop is part of the series sponsored by the International Collaborative Center on Quantum Matter. The purpose of this center is to explore the long–term institutional collaborations between Universities in China and abroad in the area of quantum matter. This frontier subject concerns modern condensed matter and atomic systems, in which quantum correlation and quantum coherence strongly influence their physics properties. The first such workshop was advocated by the Presidents of Zhejiang University and Rice University, and was held in Hangzhou in 2006.

In 2009, the International Collaborative Center on Quantum Matter was inaugurated. On this occasion, the second workshop was held. Jointly sponsored by Zhejiang University, Rice University, MPI for the Chemical Physics of Solids, London Centre for Nanotechnology, USTC, and Hangzhou Normal University, the workshop brought together over 50 speakers from China, USA, Germany, UK and elsewhere to discuss the newly discovered quantum phases and novel quantum phenomena in strongly correlated electron systems, quantum nanostructures and cold atoms.


1. Unconventional superconductivity

2. Quantum phase transition

3. Topological states



Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University

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