Zhejiang University, Physics Department, Dinghui Lu

(浙江大学物理系 鲁定辉 教授 <粒子物理与核物理>)

General Information
 Email:    dhlu@zju.edu.cn
 Office:  Bld 12/Room 511
 Phone:     571-87953262(O),
               13646710857 (M) 
 ZipCode: 310027

Prof. Lu's research focuses on hadronic physics(quark models, N* spectroscopy and transition amplitudes, spin physics, etc) and matter properties under extreme conditions (phase transition between nuclear and quark matter, neutron star, quark gluon plasma, etc). His work is supported by several grants from NSF, ZJNSF and the Ministry of Education. He welcomes undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoc to collaborate in this fascinating field.

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