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The 4th International Workshop Hangzhou 2007

                        on Simulational Physics

November 10 - 11, 2007

Zhejiang University

Hangzhou 310027, China 

This workshop intended to be parallel in nature to the one organized by the Center for Simulational Physics at The University of Georgia in Athens, GA, U.S.A.. The main purpose of this workshop is to stimulate research and cooperation in simulational physics, and related subjects such as computational biology and finance etc. We hope to create an atmosphere for discussion and cooperation in this informal workshop and wish to encourage more researchers to engage in computer simulations.

Topics of interest include Monte Carlo simulation, molecular dynamics and numerical study of physical problems such as materials growth, granular flow, structural and magnetic phase transitions, polymers, surfaces and interfaces, genomics, strongly correlated electron systems, complex network and econophysics.

There will be invited talks (30-60 mins) and contributed talks (20 mins). The number of participants is expected to be about 30-50. No registration fee will be charged, and a double room costs $25 (200 Yuan) per night. Two students may share a double room with two beds. Lunches and dinners as well as a banquet will be offered by the workshop.

If you would like to present a talk, please give the title and possible abstract. The dead line for submitting a talk is Oct. 15. Graduate student participation is encouraged, and 8 fellowships for students are available for accommodation. Please send the CV and publication list for application. The deadline for application of a fellowship is Oct. 15.  After the deadline fellowships are not guaranteed. First applications will be given better consideration.

To advertise the scientific research of all participants, everyone is encouraged to submit
an abstract of representative publications including references to the webpage of the workshop,
even if not presenting a talk.

In addition, “the 3rd Cross-Strait Conference on Statistical Physics" will be held in Hangzhou and Jinhua, from Nov. 12-16, 2007. A joint session of two conferences may be organized. Everyone is invited to join all these activities. From Nov. 1-7, an extra workshop will be organized in collaboration  with North-west University in Xi’an.


International Organizing Committee: 

          K. Binder            (Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz)

          J.R. Banavar        (Pennsylvania State University)

         C.K. Hu               (Institute of Physics,  Academia Sinica, Taipei)

          D.P. Landau        (Zhejiang University and University of Georgia, Chairman)

          M. Suzuki            (Tokyo University of Science)  

     H.E. Stanley        (Boston University)

Local Organizing Committee: 

        D.P. Landau     (Zhejiang University and University of Georgia)

         Y.Q. Ma          (Nanjing University, China)

         X. Wan            (Zhejiang University)

         B.H. Wang       (University of Science and Technology of China)

          B. Zheng        (Zhejiang University, Chairman)


 For registration, please send an e-mail to:    


  B. Zheng,,  Phone: 86 -571 87952753




        Rooms in Yuquan hotel are reserved. A double room costs $25 (200 Yuan)

   per night. Two students may share a double room with two beds.


                On Nov. 09 after 14:00, a registration desk will be set up in the lobby of Yuquan hotel.

               Participants arriving earlier may directly check-in the hotel first.


        Some participants may be arranged in other hotels. In this case,

   messages will be sent to inform you.



        Yuquan hotel (玉泉饭店)

:(05718798 2678   operator
:(05718799 3340   (销售部)

      Lingfeng Shangzhuang (

:(05718797 1456   operator
:(05718795 2813 (销售部)

        Lily hotel (百合花饭店)

:(057187991188  operator
:(05718799 1166      (销售部)


        Jinxi Shangzhuan (金溪山庄)

:(05718799 2288          (operator)
:(05718798 0888   (销售部)



        Jinxi Shangzhuan (金溪山庄) is in 杨公堤 in West Lake


        Other hotels are just around the main gate of Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang Univ.



Board and tours:


        The workshop offers lunches and dinners from Nov. 10 - 11, including

a banquet on Nov. 10.


        There will be a half-day trip to the West Lake in the morning of Nov. 12,

   and it is free. An one-day trip to Nanxun (南浔) or Zhou-zhuang(周庄)on Nov. 12

   will be organized upon the request of the participants. One should pay 100 Yuan

   for the entrance tickets and guides. The lunch, dinner and transportation

   will be covered by the workshop.






1. Arriving at the Pu-Dong airport in Shanghai

       There is a bus connection from the airport to Hangzhou, it costs

   about $13. The last bus departs at 19:30. If someone arrives in the

   the evening of Nov. 09, please contact us in advance.


2. Arriving at the airport in Hangzhou

       There is a bus connection to Hangzhou, it costs about $2. By taxi,

    it costs about $15.


3. Inside Hangzhou, it costs about $2 - $3 to reach anywhere by taxi.


4. Bus connections in Hangzhou





Return tickets:


     Anyone who needs a return ticket may ask for help on the registration desk.


Conference hall:


        The workshop will be held in the Room 201 in Phys. Building. It is around

    the main gate of Yuquan Campus.

        At 07:50 of Nov. 10, a student will lead you to the conference hall from

    Yuquan hotel and Lily hotel.



      Anyone who needs a letter of invitation for a visa should provide

  a Fax number and a surface-mail address.


Maps and websites:


       Yuquan Campus, Yuquan hotel, Lingfeng Shangzhuang and Lily hotel


    Zhejiang University and West Lake


    West Lake



          15 20 degrees Centigrade

Useful Tel. numbers:

          Chinese:   L.P. Shan   0571- 8795 3312 (o), 1385 7194 311 (handy)

          English:    B. Zheng    0571- 8795 2753 (o), 1381 9494 123 (handy)



     J. Chen             (University of Waterloo, Canada)

     F. Family           (Emory University, USA)     

J.Q. Fang           (China Institute of Atomic Energy, China)

    M. Geller           (University of Georgia, USA)

    C.K. Hu             (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

     X. Hu              (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)       

     M.C. Huang         (Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan)

     N. Ito             (University of Tokyo, Japan)      

     J.H. Lin           (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

     S.Z. Lin           (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)

     D.P. Landau        (University of Georgia, USA)

     H.C. Lee           (National Central University, Taiwan)

     Z.H. Liu           (East-China Normal University, China)

L. LAM             (San Jose State University, USA)


L.H. Tang          (Baptist University, Hong Kong)  
S. Todo            (University of Tokyo, Japan)  
B.H. Wang          (University of Science and Technology of China)

     M.C. Wu            (National Central University, Taiwan)

     J.M. Yuan          (Drexel University, USA)

     H.J. Zhou          (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Academia Sinica, China)


     *  to be confirmed