(A) Colloquium

Efficient Monte Carlo simulation methods


In this talk, we start with an introduction to Monte Carlo method
applied to statistical mechanics.  We then discuss Some of the
advances in the last decades.  We'll review the cluster algorithms
and their advantages.  Finally we briefly introduce the flat-histogram
methods and transition matrix Monte Carlo.

(B) Seminar 1

Heat conduction in a chain


We discuss the problem of 1D heat conduction problem with molecular
dynamics simulation and mode-coupling theory.  The format will be
rather informal.

(C) Seminar 2

Diffusion quantum Monte Carlo method applied to quantum dots


We discuss our recent study of quantum dots using quantum Monte Carlo.
We discuss the formulism of diffusion quantum Monte Carlo, and problems
that it can solve.  The format will be informal.  Discussions with
the students/staff are welcome.