Biographical Sketch


1988B.S. degree in chemistryNanjing University. 


1988 to1991, research assistant at the Institute of Nuclear Research, Chinese Academy of Science

synthesized and characterized High-Tc superconductive materials. 


1991 to 1997Ph.D. in theoretical/computational chemistrythe George Washington University. 


1997 to 2000, postdoctoral fellow/staff member, the Max-Planck-Institute for Microstructure Physics, Germany. 


Since 2001, visiting assistant professor, Department of Physics, Colorado State University. 


Dr. Qian’s research interests encompass ab initio methods, computational materials science,

density-functional theory, condensed matter physics, magnetism and magnetic materials,

x-ray and electron spectroscopy, surfaces and interfaces, thin films and coatings. 


She has published 18 peer-reviewed journal papers and presented at many national and international conferences.