Perspective of the computing statistical physics

     - Beyond simulation to emulation -


                                     Nobuyasu Ito


         Department of Applied Physics, School of Engineering

           The University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-8656, JAPAN


  Computer is now indispensable tool in the modern life, and in the modern sciences and technologies. In the statistical physics, exponentially growing numerical ability of computer has been cultivating the understanding of many body systems. Throughout the last few decades, simulation scale has been growing with the pace of ten times at every four years. If we assume this pace, the simulation scale will reach the Avogadro's number in the first half of this century. Then our computing study will go beyond just to simulate natural phenomena, but it will reach to emulate them.




N. Ito 简介


  Ito教授是当前活跃于计算物理和统计物理研究领域的出色的年轻物理学家,他领导的研究小组理论研究和应用研究并举,他的演讲生动有趣,图文并茂,可听性强.Ito于1991获博士学位,导师 为著名理论物理学家Suzuki.