Seminar in 2006


Dec.   5   钟立新

Nov.   21    任飞

Nov.   7   沈杰

Oct.   24   朱夏明

Oct.   10   Prof. Fa-yue Wu, Northeastern Univ., Boston

            Potts models and related problems

Sep.   19   杜建庆   Monte Carlo simulation of 2D Ising model with
                     competition between exchange and dipole-dipole

Sep.   6    林士增   A New Workhorse in Computational Physics
                     -- Wang-Landau method and its application

Aug.   7    Oliver Graeser, Univ. Konstanz, Germany

            Hard sphere model and mode-coupling theory
            of glass transition

July 18-20  15:00-17:00

            郑波  物理学前沿进展--几个国际会议的报告

June   21   19:00-21:00   

            任飞 & 沈杰  Recent progress in empirical study of

                         financial markets