Seminar in 2005


Nov.   15   9:00-11:00       

            Prof. Lee Hoongchien, Nat. Cent. Univ., Taiwan         

Lectures:   1. Molecular biology primer;
            2. Genes and proteins;
            3. Evolution and growth of genomes;
            4. An agent-based model;
            5. Networks

Sep.   27   郑  波    研究之道路 


June  15   Prof. Jian Shen, Oak Ridge Nat.Lab

                     Recent progress in noano-magnetic materials

June   7   Prof. Yiping Zhao,Univ. Georgia

                     Monte Carlo Simulation of 
                                          Polymer Thin Film Growth

May   27   VV Prudnikov, Univ. Omsk,Russia

                     Numerical simulations of critical behavior of
                     magnetic systems with line defects

March  8   郑  波    金融动力学的时间非局域性质和杠杆效应


March  1   郑  波    新学期致词: 无为而治