seminar in 2003 autumn


Sep. 24   郑  波    Group Review: Recent progress
                             in computational physics,
                             econophysics and biophysics


Oct. 8    任  飞    Topic Review: Recent study of
                             Minority Game and its application
                             to financial dynamics


Oct.15    郑大眆    Research Report: Complex networks


Oct. 22   Volker Kuhmann

                 Molecular Dynamic Simulation

                     -- Bond potential


Nov.1-2  Seminar day in Huzhou

              郑 波  *  Numerical simulations in modern physics

                *  From physics to natural science to social science

         吴伊自    Research Report: DFA analysis of EEG and
                             Alzeimer's disease 


 Nov.12    张 宏     心脏及化学反应扩散系统中



Nov.19    林  焕    Topic Review: Critical Financial Crash


Nov.26    邱  天    Topic Review: Recent progress in
                             phenomenological Econophysics


Dec. 3    温凌雁    Topic Report: 经济学中的博弈论(1)


Dec.10    温凌雁    Topic Report: 经济学中的博弈论(2)


Dec.17    殷俊祺    Topic Report: reweighting methods 
Monte Carlo simulations


Dec.24    胡 宁     Topic Review: Microscopic models
                         for financial markets