Specialist Editor of <Computer Physics Communications> (2006-) 
Editorial Board of <Chinese Physics B>  (2009-)
Editorial Board of <Acta Physica Sinica> (2009-)

Co-Chair and academic committee member, National conference on  statistical physics and complex systems (2011-)

Co-Organizer of the parallel session on statistical physics and complex systems, Autumn meeting of Chinese Physical Society (2011-)

Co-Chair, Zhejiang Provincial Physical Society (2013-)


Associate member, International Center for Theoretical Physics,
 34100 Trieste, Italy (2004-2010)

Academic committee member, National conference on condensed matter 
 theory and statistical physics (2002-2010)
International advisory committee, Dynamic Days Asia Pacific 7 (2012)
Academic committee member, The cross-strait conference on statistical physics  (2007,2009,2013)
Academic committee member, International Conference on Econophysics
 Shanghai (2011,2014,2017)
Academic Committee member, Asian-Pacific Econophysics Conference

Organizer, International workshop Hangzhou on simulational physics

Co-Organizer, APCTP workshop on Current Progress of Simulations in
 Complex Systems (2010)
Co-Organizer, International workshop Hangzhou on statistical physics
 and complex systems (2013)