For Postdoc Candidates

The condensed matter theory group at Zhejiang University anticipates several postdoctoral openings with flexible starting dates. These postdoctoral fellows will normally be appointed for a two-year period with the possibility of extension for the third year. The salary and provided benefits will be comparable to the western standard.

The areas of our current research interests include correlated electronic systems, cold atom physics, topological materials, and fractional quantum Hall systems. We are also interested in quantum entanglement, quantum dynamics, and topological quantum computing, as well as in the applications of machine learning to condensed matter physics.

Candidates should submit via email their applications, CV, and statement of research interests, at least two names of references (in a single PDF file) to any member of the group.

For PhD Candidates

We welcome those who are determined to pursue graduate study in condensed matter theory to join us. We provide excellent education, intellectual challenges, competitive salaries, and friendly environment in one of the most beautiful cities in China.

For Undergraduate Students

We provide opportunities of research training or senior projects to enthusiastic undergraduates who are interested in condensed matter theory. Please contact any member of the group you wish to work with.