Zhejiang Institute of Modern Physics

Condensed Matter Theory

For Candidates

Activities by Year:


  • 12/19, Jingbo Qi (Southwest Jiantong Univ), Bosonic excitations and electron pairing in an electron-doped cuprate.
  • 11/9-11, Kirill Shtengel (UC Riverside), Lectures on Majorana and parafermionic zero modes.
  • 10/24, Yi Zhou (Zhejiang Univ), Exact Solution to Interacting Kitaev Chain at Symmetric Points.
  • 9/29, Hong Ding (IoP, CAS), Probing interfacial superconductivity in Fe-based and Cu-based superconductors by in-situ ARPES.
  • 9/19, Wen Huang (MacMaster Univ/IAS Tsinghua), Theoretical study of edge current in chiral superconducting Sr2RuO4.
  • 9/19, Shuyun Zhou (Tsinghua Univ), Two-dimensional materials and hetero-structures for new topological phases,tailored electronic and spin structures.
  • 8/10, Yang Peng (FU-Berlin), Signatures of topological Josephson junctions.
  • 6/20, Alexander Seidel (Washington Univ in St. Louis), Quantum Hall Hamiltonians as frustration free lattice models.
  • 5/23, Johann Kroha (Uni-Bonn), Inflationary quasiparticle creation and thermalization dynamics in coupled Bose-Einstein condensates.
  • 5/6, Lu Li (Univ of Michigan), Quantum Oscillations in Kondo Insulator SmB6.
  • 5/4, Kevin Ingersent (Univ of Florida), Kondo physics in the presence of Rashba spin-orbit coupling.
  • 4/25, Jian Wang (Peking Univ), Quantum Griffiths singularity in 2D superconductors and potential topological superconductivity in topological materials.
  • 4/25, Guang Yang (Riken), Majorana bound states in magnetic skyrmions.
  • 4/18, Enrique Solano (Univ of Basque Country in Bilbao), Embedding quantum simulators: unphysical operations and entanglement measure without full tomography.
  • 3/30, Dieter Vollhardt (Uni-Augsburg), How do electronic correlations influence the lattice structure of a solid?
  • 3/28, Fa Wang (Peking Univ), Landau quantization in 3D Dirac semimetal ZrTe5 and narrow-gap topological insulators.
  • 2/29, Haohua Wang (Zhejiang Univ), Suppression of dephasing by qubit motion in superconducting qubits.


  • 11/7, 2015 Autumn Young Scientists Symposium, Zhejiang University and Institute of Physics (CAS), Hangzhou.
  • 10/26, Yi Zheng (Zhejiang Univ), Helicity protected ultrahigh mobility Weyl fermions in NbP.
  • 10/21, Lihui Zhou (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research), Single-atom magnetometry: mapping atomic magnetism by spin-polarized STM & spin excitation spectroscopy.
  • 10/12, Xiangang Wan (Nanjing Univ), Study of exotic quantum properties of 5d transition metal oxides.
  • 9/21, Yan Chen (Fudan Univ), Exploring Chiral and Time-reversal Invariant Spin Liquids in Kagome Antiferromagnets.
  • 6/15, Daniel Braak (Uni-Augusburg), Fundamental theoretical models for light-matter interaction.
  • 6/1, Yi Zhang (Stanford Univ), Universal topological properties from ground-state entanglement.
  • 5/18, Shiyan Li (Fudan Univ), Quantum transport and pressure-induced superconductivity in 3D Dirac semimetal Cd3As2.
  • 5/5, Zheng-Cheng Gu (Perimeter Inst), Grassmann tensor product state approach and the emergence of topological superconductivity in 2D strongly correlated doped Dirac systems.
  • 5/4, Xin Lu (Zhejiang Univ), Cd-Doping in Heavy Fermion Critical Superconductors CeCoIn5 and CeIrIn5.
  • 4/20, Xin Wan (Zhejiang Univ), Tensor network study on quantum states in 1D spin models.
  • 4/14, Laura Greene (UIUC), High-Temperature Superconductivity: Taming Serendipity.
  • 3/31, Gentaro Watanabe (APCTP), From dense matter to dilute atomic gases: towards simulating neutron star matter using ultracold atomic gases.


  • 12/25, Shun-Qing Shen (Hong Kong Univ), Interaction-induced localization of the surface electrons in topological insulators.
  • 12/22, Sadamichi Maekawa (Advanced Science Research Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Physics and application of spin current in spintronics.
  • 11/21, Chushun Tian (Tsinghua Univ), Planck's quantum-driven integer quantum Hall effect in chaos.
  • 11/12, Alexei Tsvelik (Brookhaven National Lab), Topological Kondo effect.

Last updated on March 1, 2017