Workshops and Symposiums

Seminars and Colloquia:

Current Year | 2018

  • 12/10, Gentaro Watanabe Zhejiang University), Quantum performance of microscopic heat engines.
  • 11/26, Yejun Feng (OIST, Okinawa), Continuous all-in-all-out quantum phase transitions under pressure.
  • 11/19, Ching-Hua Lee (A-Star Singapore), The interesting physics of non-Hermitian systems.
  • 11/5, Xingye Lu (Beijing Normal University), Magnetic excitations in the nematic state of iron-based superconductors.
  • 11/5, Luis Pedro Garcia-Pintos (JQI/Maryland), Fluctuations in stored work bound the charging power of quantum batteries.
  • 9/23, Jean Zinn-Justin (CEA Saclay), The Fate of the Vacuum: from Galileo to dark matter and dark energy.
  • 6/10, Ajit Srivastava (Emory), Single photons, phonons and spins in atomically thin WSe2.
  • 4/25, Ebubechukwu O. Ilo-Okeke (NYU Shanghai), Using entanglement to synchronize remote clocks without synchronized clocks.
  • 4/11, Yang Peng (Caltech), Space-time engineering of topological systems.