Faculty Members Of Zhejiang Institute of Modern Physics
Nonlinear science, nonequilibrium statistical physics, nonlinear plasma physics and nuclear fusion science
Theoretical condensed matter physics and theoretical biological matter physics
Computational physics, statistical physics, soft condensed matter physics and relevant interdisciplines
Quantum field theory and particle physics
Superconductivity and superfluidity, cold atom physics, and strongly correlated systems
Quantum field theory, nolinear physics, time-dependent quantum systems and quantum optics
Computational physics, phase transition theory and critical phenomena
String theory, non-perturbative properties of quantum field theory, quantum information and quantum computing
Heavy flavor physics, Exotic hadron physics and Non-perturbative QCD.
Quantum field theory, string theory, integrable system, condensed matter theory, nonlinear physics
Particle physics and nuclear physics, particularly in hadronic physics and nuclear matter under extreme conditions
Strongly correlated electron systems and quantum phase transition
Quantum Information and computation, quantum optics, condensed matter theory, and quantum chaos
Statistical Physics, including Complex Networks and Econophysics
Lattice gauge theory and the computational physics
Theoretical condensed matter physics, particularly disordered, mesoscopic, and strongly correlated electronic systems
Quantum Optics, Cold Atom Physics, Interaction Between Photo and Atom
Beam Propagation and Controlling; Fractional Transforming Optics
Mesoscopic system and Quantum information
Nonlinear Science, and Theoretical Biological Physics

Heavy flavor physics, in particular B physics and CP violation

Laser Physics, Quantum Optics and 1D photonic crystals